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SPELEOBASE 2.6 is here
Indeed, again a new version of this cave database program. This version has better security, a much improved Import Wizard and several other handy features such as "Autocompleting" smart fields.  Download SpeleoBase for free in our softwarepages.


Anialarra 2004: did we locate the continuation??

In September 2004, we went again to the Anialarra for 1 week of “cave-hunting“.  “We” were Annette, Rudi, Paul and Raf.   We had one week of splendid weather, sometimes even too hot. So we carried our thick coats and gloves up the mountain for nothing! The big surprise was the fact that we possibly located "the" continuation of the cave system... read on here


Anialarra 2004: we are back...
a "small boulder" in Salle du lapiazIn August 2004 SC Avalon organized the 8th expedition in the Anialarra mountains (Pierre-St-Martin).  Cavers of following clubs participated: Avalon (9); Styx (1), Hades (1) Speleo NL (3) and FFS (2).

The main goal was to continue the exploration of the “Réseau Nostradamus”, an important upstream branch of the Anialarra System. We discovered this branch in 2002 and pushed it further in 2003, reaching a temporary terminus after having explored a series of big rooms (Cosmik Debris, Salle Lieven, Salle du Lapiaz) ...  read on here.


JULY 2004

The 8th ANIALARRA-EXPE is ready to go  
Indeed, within  a few days we head off again to the Spanish Pyrenees, to continue our explorations in the Anialarra Cave System. It will be a hot summer at the Pierre-St-Martin, this year, because many caving teams have good perspectives in the caves where they work. If all dreams come true, several cave systems such as Anialarra, AN8, Gouffre Romy and E2000 should become a lot bigger!

Whilst this website might have been very calm lately (due to the preparations of the Anialarra expedition) we stayed very busy digging at several spots!

JUNE 2004

SPELEOBASE 2.5 is available
Indeed, there is again a new version of this cave database. This time with a much improved image viewer with incorporated scanning-possibilities. As always, you can download it for free in our software section.

CHANTOIR X: still going
A new exploration trip in this new discovery of ours has been very interesting, the depth of -50m has been passed and the cave is still going on.

MAY 2004

Standard Avalon caving gear ...FAGNOULES... it goes on and on!
The past weeks we spent again a lot of time in the cave and more precisely in the part behind the "Siphon Ex-terminal".  Michel Pauwels dived a new, downstream sump and passed it, discovering 50 m of streamway and being stopped by yet another, but diveable sump.  It must be years ago since divers have had such fun in a Belgian cave!  In between the diving, we continued the exploration and found at least 100 meters of new galleries. The length of  Fagnoules is safely estimated at 1500 m of which 1100m have been surveyed.  More info and pictures can be found here.


CHANTOIR X: Hurray... a breakthrough!Chantoir X: a truckload of mud, dug out by hand.
The past weekend one of our most crazy digs finally resulted in a new cave. After 17 days of digging in mud and water, extracting truckloads of mud and pebbles by hand (see picture, but mind you: that pile is only the half of what we dug out). we finally broke through in a real cave. We did about 100 m of new passages, going down several small pits and stopping finally at the top of a new, 10 m deep drop. We can see and hear the cave continuing!  Aah... a cavers' life can be so beautiful... sometimes.

WEBSITE (again?)
Indeed, the whole navigation system in the site has been improved, you can now go to all main topics from within every page. Also, and this is an important change: the site has been redesigned for a 1024x768 pixel resolution. So, for those that are still using an 800x600 resolution: bad luck, guys. Life is a struggle.

After 11 weekends of hard work in Chantoir X, we extracted (bucket by bucket!) +/- 10 tons of mud and rocks from this unstable dig and yes we dare to say: the break-through is near. 

APRIL 2004

WE KEEP ON DIGGINGOur most recent dig, april 2004
It has been a bit quiet here lately but that doesn't mean that we are
not doing anything. On the contrary, for the past 6 weekends we are
working in a new and massive dig, in a totally mud-filled, but very interesting sinkhole, "Chantoir X". We already extracted several cubic metres of
mud and boulders and with advanced scaffolding techniques we have
recently made the dig more stable and safe. One thing is sure: a
breakthrough is not for tomorrow, but in good Avalon tradition we are
determined to go on "till the end".

As you will have noticed (I hope) the website has a new look!


Bretaye System
I just finished a Picture Gallery about this great Avalon-discovery and put it on the website. Join us on one of the most exciting explorations ever, without even getting wet. Just click here!

Paul, behind  the sump, and very happy (photo: Mark Michiels)Fagnoules: 7 Avalon members go through the sump... dry!  
Who would have imagined this a few months ago... we went though that 20 meter long sump.  Yes, Avalon stops for nothing!

How did we do this?

Read here the details about this unforgettable day (bottom of page).

Activity Report 2003 now online!
Our activity report of 2003 is online. Time being, only in Dutch,  click here.



Since a few months,
Avalon is busy with an ambitious plan to pass the sump of the cave dry (two consecutive sumps, 20 m in total length!). The laws of Hydraulics and our inventive minds are our weapons.  I have already given a presentation about our plan, at the "Journée de l'Explo", on 31/1/2003 in Brussels. One of these days I will try to make a special webpage about this unique project.

In our "Software section" you can find a new version that will please the owners of big computer screens!

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