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Grotte des Emotions
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Descriptions, history, pictures, surveys: this table leads to more than 100 pages of information (but most still in Dutch...)

When the club existed only 2 years or so, we already were getting a bit tired of doing classic caves and we started digging frantically about everywhere... to find "our" cave. And a few years later (1988) we finally found a first new gallery, in the tourist caves of Neptune. Who could have known then, that this would be the start of a fantastic adventure.

In our small country, in which "every cave had already been found", we found over the years 18 kilometres of new caves or galleries!  Five of them passed the (to Belgian standards) important length of 1000 m:  Système van Bretaye, Système W?on-Dellieux, Grotte des Emotions, Réseau de Waerimont en Chantoir des Fagnoules.

In 27 years time we spend over 1300 days in our "search for the Holy Grail": digging, working, discovering, surveying, exploring, protecting, studying new caves: a more beautiful thing, a caver cannot do.

Today, this "big adventure" is still keeping us very, very busy... so let's hope that the table below will change soon.


  • discoveries of less than 15 m are not mentioned (and there are plenty of them)
  • the column N/E indicates if it is a new cave (N) or an extension of and existing cave (E)
Cave N/E Year Part Description Discovered metres
Grottes de Neptune
E 1988 Réseau du Tire-bouchon Our first discovery, featuring a special formation 97
Trou du Blaireau Mort
N 1988   New, small cave. 50
Abime de la Chawresse
E 1988 l'Appendice
Near the end of Réso B, and very narrow 23
E 1992 t/m 2003 Bibber & Blubber An extremely difficult but important extension behind the sump in Réso B. Second junction with Veronika. 291
E 1996 Réseau des Anversois Again an extension near the end of Réso B. 154
E 1997 Réseau Bolero with 13 m Pitch 39
E 2000 Passage de Noel Direct connection between Réseau Persephone and the Classic part. 29
E 2001 cheminée Nationale Chimney near the bottom of the Puits Boubou (explored with GRSC) 33
E 2004   Some bits and pieces everywhere 154
Trou d'Haquin
E 1989 Réseau X Important extension near the end of the Réseau CRS 196
Systeem van Bretaye
N 1990 t/m 1993   Fantastic cave system, the wettest in Belgium, featuring an integral through-trip of 620 m between sinkhole and resurgence! 1721
Système Weron-Dellieux
E 1992 Reseau Noir Important continuation in a Classic Belgian cave.   Some years later it would become the key to the discovery of one of the biggest caves, the Weron-Dellieux System 284
E 1995-1996 Réseau Nord, Jonction des 4, Grand Puits The  Réseau Nord is a super-complex maze; the "missing link" between Weron and Dellieux.  Thanks to this link, Belgium's most complex and most sporting cave system  was formed 653
E 1997 Réseau de la Topo Foutue continuation found in May '97.  Nice pitches, very complex. 615
Trou Dury
E 1992   New part, opened at -25m, and leading down to -77 m. 300
Trou de l'Eglise
E 1992 t/m 1997 Grande Evasion The never ending story... a hopeless dig 31
Trou Lecoq
E 1993 Réseau 93 Interesting extension... 102
Grotte Strauss
N 1994   New cave, of paleontogical interest 156
Grotte aux Contrastes
N 1994   Big cave, featuring a big room, some pitches, a lake and a lot of mud! 357
Trou Bernard
E 1994 Junctions Nr.Two-Central part Two junctions that created great possibilities to do some roundtrips in this classic cave  50
Chantoir de Pont-le-Pretre
N 1994   Sinkhole that gets too tight (...too soon). 30
Grottes Joseph 1&2
N 1994-1996   Lot's of digging to find practically nothing! 30
Grotte des Emotions
Prov. Liège
N 1995-1997   Our most beautiful discovery, a big complex and very decorated cave 2092
Grotte des Ecrevisses
Prov. Liège
N 1995   Near Emotions... 50
Trou de la Loutre
E 1996 Réseau Pourri Small extension, to be continued +/- 40
Réseau du Bois de Waerimont (Eprave) E 1997-99 Réseau du Nouvel An; Réseau du Printemps In 1996-97 SC Persephone found an important new part (Réseau de l'Euphorie; 860 m). Since sept.'97  Avalon continued the work and almost 3186m additional metres were found. 3186
Grotte Préhistorique (Eprave) E 1999 Salle Brocolli A nice room in this fossil cave that is only 15 m. away from the Waerimont! 40
Trou des Poils (Eprave) N 1999 . This cave was dug out over its entire length since it could be related to the Waerimont. 25
Trou du Palan (Eprave) E 2000   Small, muddy continuation 20
Grotte de Borlon (Grandhan) E 2000 Galerie Blaffetuur In this little but interesting cave we found, after some digging, a new gallery 38
??? E 2001 Réseau des D?ices Beautifully decorated part in a cave that we prefer not to publish yet. 156
Laminoirs de la Lembrée N 2001   Countless sessions to dig out 40 m of gallery (Vallei van de Lembrée) 59
Système Fagnoules-Buc N 2002-2022   New cave with a spectacular river. In 2009 it was connected with another dig of ours: Chantoir de Buc. Longest through-trip in Belgium. 3065
Grotte Persévérance (Sprimont) E 2003   Quite important but unstable new part +/-75
Grotte Daniele (Hamoir) E 2006   Extension of a small cave 153
Grotte Norbert (Hamoir) N 2006   New cave, digging still going on 41
Chantoir N4 (Nettinne) N 2005-2006   Sinkhole, defending itself quite well! 30
Grotte du Vieux Mac (Tavier) E 2006   Small continuation 24
Grotte des Saribots (Nettinne) N 2005   New, small cave 34
Grotte Mautain (Sinsin) N 2007   New cave, with a big room 187
Welva 1 + 2 (Ferrières) N 2007   2 New, small caves 25
Perte n? 144 - Trou Chaud (My) N 2007-2011   Active and dangerous sinkhole 68
Trou des Cotes N 2008-2010   New cave 759
D3 (Hamoir) N 2009-2010   New dig 45
Perte No 147 - Trou Froid (My)   2007-2011   Active and dangerous sinkhole 20
Grotte des Illusions (My) N 2010-2019   Access to the Underground Lembrée 113
Perte No 138 - Perte des Bouteilles (My) N 2011   Active and dangerous sinkhole 20
Tié de la l'Aiwé (My) E 2012 Galerie des Dalles Extensions of a known cave 50
Grotte du Moulin de la Lembrée (My) E 2011   Active and dangerous sinkhole. Two new parts in existing cave. 110
Grotte de l'Intuition (My) E 2011-2012   Extensions of a known cave 30
Grotte des Surprises (My) N 2012-2019   New cave 475
Trou du Bonheur (Eprave) N 2012-2013   New cave 550
Chantoir de la Bottine (Awagne) N 2013-2014   New cave 110
Grotte du Grand Abri de Saumont (Somme-Leuze) N 2014   New cave
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Trou des Mouflons (Hamoir) N 2016   New cave 142
Grotte de Vieuxville V 2016   New part in a cave, explo with GRSC 80
Grande grotte de Malacord (Ferrières) V 2018   New part in a cave 234
Several small discoveries (legend below table)         246
Trou Wuinant V 2019-2020 Réseau du Flair (337 m)
Aff Léopard (202 m)
Diverse (20 m)
Interclubverband with GRSC, C7 539
        TOTAL 18568 m


Severall small discoveries (minimum 10 m) : Total 246 m

  • 15 m in Trou de la Pioche (Tohogne) in 2003
  • 15 m in Enfer-Fissures (Sprimont) in 2003
  • 33 m in Grotte A126-A127 (Comblain-Fairon) in 2015
  • 25 m in Abri onder Grotte Charles (Vieuxville) in 2015-2016
  • 11 m in A114 (Xhignesse) in 2013
  • 15 m in Grotte de l'Orphelinat (Spontin) in 2004
  • 20 m in Trou Odett (Heure) in 2015
  • 53 m in Trou de la Crête (Nettine) in 2019
  • 18 m in Grotte E10 (Aisne) in 2021
  • 11 m in Grotte de la Patience in 2018
  • 31 m in Trou de la Casserole in 2017-2019


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