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Description of some devices that were build or are being used by members of SC AVALON


Testverslag Lithium-ion boormachines (Nederlands)
Comparatif Perforatrices Li-ion (Fran?is)
Bosch 36V Li versus Hilti 36V TE6A-Li-ion


The Laser-inclinometer
How to build your own electronical laser-inclinometre
and make surveying a lot easier.
The Leica "Disto"
A laser rangefinder, that can be of great help in surveying
The Cave-radio
John Hey's cave-radio, the very first ever build in Belgium
(now also known as "Nicola System")
Cave-radio 2001
An article about the more recent version of our cave-radio's (unfortunately, only in Dutch...)


Build your own LED-headlight (PDF)
A PDF-presentation about how to build a 15-led headlamps based on a regular Oldham or FX headpiece  (only in Dutch...)  


The Induction loop
A device that allows you to make precise surface locations
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