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We have, over the years, visited a lot of caves in other countries (especially in France). For every cave we have (when necessary) corrected the rigging information, the description of the way to the cave etc. We can also provide some additional information such as access conditions or our personal comments about the cave.
PS: we limit ourselves to caving-activities in Europe only and that were organized by SC AVALON (not by its individual members)

 Column "CL"(=class) is subjective! It classifies the cave into these 5 classes:

1 easy, light trip, max . 5 h, maybe a bit of rope work
2 not difficult, a bit heavier, max. 8 h, more rope work
3 pretty difficult, pushing trip, often a lot of rope work, max. 12 h.
4 difficult, strenuous trip, often a lot of rope work, max. 18 h.
5 very difficult, very strenuous, a lot of rope work, 18-30 h, a "killer" cave...

This classification depends upon the objectives of the caving trip. In general, OUR objective was to bottom the cave! This classification is only of use for experienced cavers who perfectly master all rigging- and SRT-techniques and are in good physical condition


FRANCE... caver's paradise

Alpes de Hte Provence Aven des Cèdres D173m Nice and easy vertical cave. 2
Alpes de Hte Provence Gouffre du Caladaire D667 We only visited the first two pitches (P63 & P90) of this famous cave. 4
Alpes de Hte Provence Perte du Calavon D263 Nice active cave, but non-divers can only go as far as the sump (-167m) 2
Alpes Maritimes Aven de l'Air Chaud L 4000
D 270m
Pleasant cave, with a big streamway at -200m 2
Alpes Maritimes Aven St-Joseph L2000
Splendid 76m pitch, then a very wet streamway with a couple of ducks 2
Alpes Maritimes Aven de Calernaum L11 km
The biggest cave in the area. A lot of variation, 200m of nice picthes, a labyrinth of big galleries 2 ?3
Alpes Maritimes Grotte de Paques L5000 ? Classic cave, with very corroded galleries. A must.  1
Alpes Maritimes Embut de Rouaine D155m Active sinkhole; the pitches are formed in pure white limestone. 1
Ardeche Aven du Marteau D113 / 2
Ardeche St-Marcel d'Ardeche- Reseau 4 L +30 km Very nice and delicious formations. 2
Ardeche Aven Despeysse ->St. Marcel d'Ardeche L +30 km
Grandiose through-trip (4km). 3
Ardeche Aven de Faux Marzal D200 Impressive P200 2
Ardeche Aven Reynaud & Aven Centura D80 Two P80's with lots of CO2-gas 2
Ardeche Event de Peyrejal L5365 World-famous phreatic tubes 1
Ardeche Aven d'Orgnac (Orgnac I, II & III) L +4km Orgnac 2 & 3 are amongst the most beautiful caves we ever saw.  Without doubt, the European Lechuguilla! 2
Ardeche Aven de CocaLiège L ? km Small piece of a big horizontal system 1
Ardeche Grotte-Aven Nouvelle de vallon D 50 Fossil cave, once beautiful. 1
Ardeche Grotte de Sanilhac L +4km Horizontal but sporting cave 2
Ardeche Aven de Rochas D167 Big vertical cave, but lots of mud 2
Ardeche Aven de Noel D146
L +4 km
Fantastic cave. 2
Ardeche Source de Champclos L1500 Only Salle de Mont-Blanc is interesting. 1
Aude Gouffre de Cabrespine L 20 km
D 250
Impressive, 6km long underground river with lots of formations 2
Aude TM71 L 11 km Fantastic cave, beautiful, well preserved and very varied. 2
Aude Grotte de l'Aguzou L 5 km? Beautiful cave 1
Aude Grotte de Varennes L 2,6 km Sporting and varied horizontal cave 2
Aude Aven de Clergues L 2,9 km
D 171m
Very nice "Aven", well decorated, labyrinth 2
Aude Aven de Castanviels D -250m Splendid series of pits, recently discovered (in 2005) 2
Aude Vent d'Anges L > 2 km
D >-340 m
Beautiful new cave in which we had the pleasure to discover over 700 m of new passages (together with the local caving club) 2
Aude Aven des Lacs L 1 km
D -100
nice debutant cave 1
Aude Réseau Andr?/td>   Underground river 1
Aude Rivière de Courounelle L 1,5 km
D -100
easy underground river 1
Aude Bufo Fret L 5 km
D +200
Nice and sporting cave. 2
Aveyron Aven de Trouchiols D128 Enormous pitch (P128 free drop); recommended! 2
Aveyron Aven de Puech Negre L+9400
One of the most sportive and biggest caves in the "Causses" 4
Aveyron Aven de Goussoune D126 Very vandalized. 1
Aveyron Aven des Pauvres D221 Includes the deepest pitch in the region: P153 (re-belayed) 2
Aveyron Aven du Mas Raynal L2074
P106 with tropical allures 1
Aveyron Aven du Sotch de la Tride L+16000
Grandiose labyrinth, very complex, very varied 3
Aveyron Aven du Valat Negre D100 Nice formations 1
Aveyron Aven Emilie D66 Nice P24 and formations 1
Aveyron Aven Noir L1457
Entrance-pitch is a real must! 1
Aveyron Aven des Patates L2600
Impressive galleries (up to 80 m wide!) and an unforgettable P65. 3 ?4
Aveyron Grotte de Matarel L630 Fossil tunnel (big) 1
Aveyron Pas Destrech->Cabane de St.Paul des Fonts L4000 Exciting through-trip; features several long and beautiful blue lakes 2
Aveyron Aven de Lacas L+7 km
D 320
Impressive pitches and nice streamways around -280 m 3
Aveyron Aven des Perles   With pearls, of course 1
Cote d'Or Creux Perce D63 Nothing special 1
Cote d'Or Gouffre de Soucy (Reseau de la Combe aux Pretres) L21000
Pitch that leads to a big lake (=sump) 1
Cote d'Or Grotte du Bel Affreux L3530 Nothing special (some nice eroded galleries) 1
Cote d'Or Grotte de la Douix L945 Wet progression in a nice streamway 1
Cote d'Or Reseau de la Combe aux Pretres L21000
Very nice and varied. Most beautiful and biggest cave in the department. 2
Doubs Grotte du Cul de Vau L=4500
Underground river with lots of swimming 2
Doubs Gouffre de la Baume des Cretes (Reseau du Verneau) L1400
Gives access to the upstream part of the Verneau's "main drain": splendid! 3
Doubs Gouffre de la Chenau L1740
Why not.... 2
Doubs Gouffre de la Bief Boussets (Reseau du Verneau) L1800
Possibility to visit 1800 m of the Verneau "master cave" 2
Doubs Gouffre de la Belle Louise L790
Entry pitch is nice (P48); the rest is rather muddy. 2
Doubs Gouffre de la Baume St Anne D117 THE classic cave that must be visited by every caver that comes to the Doubs 1
Doubs Gouffre de la Legarde L768
Classic cave, worth doing 2
Doubs Gouffre de Montaigu L1400
Big and impressive pitches, killer-meander, deepest cave around: recommended! 2
Doubs Gouffre de la Jerusalem (Reseau du Verneau) L1300
Amusing little cave 1
Doubs Gouffre de Folaven D167 One of the biggest drops in the Doubs: wide P90 2
Doubs Gouffre de Vauvougier L2500
Lot's of possibilities to practise SRT-techniques. Big cave, +10 hr. trips possible 3
Doubs Gouffre de Vaux L456
Very muddy below -58m. 1
Doubs Gouffre des Bruyeres D180 A lot of varied SRT work, that end in a big fossil gallery 2
Doubs Gouffre du Bois D'Ully D98 Blind P90 that offers little interest. 1
Doubs Gouffre du Leubot L 3775
D 215
Nice cave, with a difficult meander and a big streamway 2
Doubs Grotte des Chaillets L 9050
Big horizontal cave, begins with a long duck 2
Doubs Gouffre des Chaseaux D160 A lot of rigging, a real squeeze: fun! 2
Doubs Gouffre de la Vieille Herbe D180 Beautiful entrance pitches! 2
Doubs Gouffre du Gros Bourbier D155 Some nice pitches but also a lot of VERY tight passages. 2
Doubs Gouffre du Mont Ratey L2000
Superb cave: beautiful and deep. But very flood-prone! 3
Doubs Gouffre du Paradis D215 Famous cave, big continuation found in '89 with an enormous sump, but muddy... 3
Doubs Gouffre du Petit-Siblot L180
Small cave but well decorated 1
Doubs Gouffre de Pre-Rond L176
Small, vertical cave. Some fine pitches, sometimes very wet. 2
Doubs Gouffre de Pourpevelle L9000
Classic cave, very decorated, big, very varied. The "Avenue Sud" is a must. 2
Doubs Gouffre des Ordons L 200
D 40
Small but very decorated 1
Doubs Grotte Sarrazine L4115
Labyrinth with peculiar corrosion-phenomena. 2
Doubs Grotte des Cavottes L3170
Very easy and overvisited cave. Notorious meander. 1
Doubs Grotte d'En Versenne (pre-siphon) L+8000 Very decorated stream passage but unfortunately most of it is behind the sump. 1
Doubs Grotte de Chauveroche L8000
A must! 5 km of deep river. Pretty tough because of the long distance, lot's of swimming 2
Doubs Grotte du Chateau de la Roche L2000
Very decorated underground river 1
Doubs Gouffre de Champremond D +100 Some nice pitches 1
Doubs Grotte de Noailles L5120
Sporting and quite wet 2
Doubs Grande Baude de Septfontaine L145
Nice, small pothole 1
Doubs Grotte de la Tuilerie L 750
lots of mud! 1
Doubs Reseau du Verneau: traverse Baudin->Bief Boussets L31000
Fantastic and varied trip, very long (+8 km); often wet. It demands a good preparation and dry and absolutely stable weather. 10 to15 hr. trip. 4
Drome Reseau Christian-Gathier L9406
Nice river. Some very big rooms. 2
Drome Scialet Vincens D403 Sporting -400, recommended. 3
Gard Abime de Bramabiau (traversee) L+9000 Historical through-trip (2 hrs) in the footsteps of E.A Martel. Must be done by very caver! 1
Gard Aven du Salamandre D89 P45 giving into big room with lot's of formations.. 1
Gard Aven du Pas de Madame L2150
"Suberbe mais penible", it says in the Speleo Sportive Guide. It's more than true: this one is a tough cave! 4
Gard Aven des Pebres D88 Beautiful formations: a must for photographers. 1
Gard Aven de Combe Albert L4000
Essentially a narrow cave that widens up when you go deeper. A tough cave and tyring trip 4
Gard Grotte de Baume Layrou L9700 Our team quickly lost it's way here. All we can say is: very labyrinthine! 2
Gard Grottes du Cabane de Trevezel L 4000 Easy. 1
Gard Grotte de la Barbette L 989 Nice helectites 1
Gard Aven de la Buse D 100   2
Gard Aven du Cam?i?/td> L 6500
D 150
Gard Aven de Lagas L 1200   1
Haute Garonne Coume Ouarnede, traverse Mile->Pene Blanque (-627m) L100000
Splendid trip in the biggest French cave (11-15 hrs). Other through-trips are possible in this incredible maze with it's 36 entrances! 4
Haute Garonne Coume Ouarnede, traverse HenneMorte->Commingeois (-399m) L100000
Short but exciting through-trip, in the footsteps of Casteret. 3
Haute Garonne Grotte de Riusec L3000
Some giant rooms. 1
Haute Marne Grotte de Castades L815
Easy river-cave 1
Haute Marne Reseau Jean Phildo L350
"Reseau" is a big word for it! 1
Haute Saone Rivière de Cerre-les-Noroy L 5000 Nice underground river 1
Haute Saone Rivière du Chaland L 10000 Fantastic cave 2
Haute Saone Grotte du Deujeau L 10000 Part of the Chaland 1
Hautes Alpes Chourum Dupont-Martin L1200
Famous cave. Enormous P165 were even Martel retreated. Wilfried dropped his false teeth while passing a knot halfway down the pitch! 3
Hautes Alpes Chourum du Roti L550
Fun trip; respectable cave dimensions 1
Hautes Alpes Chourum de la Parza D145 Presence of large underground glacier. 2
Hautes Alpes Puits des Bans L1450
-200m but you hardly need any rope at all... 1
Herault Abime de Rabanel D190 Impressive entrance pitch but the cave ends too soon. 2
Herault Aven du Grelot L3000
Very varied and sometimes very decorated cave. Beautiful walk to the cave. Recommended. 2
Herault Aven des Huttes D250 Amusing vertical cave. 2
Herault Aven de la Leicasse L15000
One of the biggest caves in the S?anne. Don't underestimate it! 3
Herault Aven de la Combe de Buis L1263
P75 (free drop) en magnificent semi-active gallery with blue-green pools 2
Herault Aven de la Dame D156 With a huge P84 that matches the Rabanel. 2
Herault Grotte du Garrel L7200
Big, complex, sporting: you must do this one. 2
Herault Grotte de la Cave de Vitalis D191 Fossil cave, some beautiful passages. Actually entrance forbidden! 2
Herault Aven du Pic Baudille/Aven de la Licorne D 270 The two caves connect at -200m, but a not foreseen P10 in this connection made our through-trip impossible 2
Herault Aven de la Capitelle L 550
D 407
Pretty tough entrance series, splendid big pitch P110 3
Herault Grotte du Roque Bleue L6000 Beautiful cave, much formations and formed in blue marbel 2
Herault Grand Aven de Mont Marcou D -345m Famous cave with one of the most impressive big pits in France, the 146m deep "Puits des Cèdres" (freedrop with a section of 15x50m) 2
Herault Grotte du PN77 L >2 km Beautiful cave with a lot of splendid formations an crystal clear river. 1
Herault Grotte de Rautely L 1500 m Well decorated fossil cave 1
Herault Source de Rautely L 200 Very photogenic gallery 1
Herault Aven du Basset L > 2 km
D > 150 m


Spectacular underground river 2
Herault Grotte de l'Ascension L 500 m Little cave but very nice 1
Herault Aven Clara L > 1,5 km
D -224m
Cave explored in 2002. A couple of very nice pits (P44 and P76) and a horizontal part starting at -150m. 2
Herault Grotte de PousseLiège L >2 km
D >-100m
One of the most beautiful caves in France 1
Herault Grotte du Sergent L3360
(Too) Classic cave. 1
Herault Aven des Ecossaises L 1000 Splendid cave 1
Isere Gouffre Jean Noir D215 Fine cave near Gouffre Berger. Take along a bolting-kit! 2
Isere Gouffre Berger (bottom) L22400
Every caver's dream. One of the most prestigious caves in the world. Huge, beautiful, easy to -500 m. Majestic, stressing, thundering, sometimes deadly between -700 m. en -1100 m. Great trip that needs a good preparation, some luck and a good team. 5
Isere Grotte de Bournillon L5950
Over-dimensioned passages. The entrance is gigantic: 100 metres high! 2
Isere Grotte du Gournier L15150
Beautiful cave: emerald entrance lake, large decorated gallery, marvellous streamway. A must. 2
Isere Reseau de la Dent de Crolles L60000
Famous labyrinth where one can do lot's of through-trips of varying difficulty:
Glaz-Annette (2); Glaz-GuiersMort (2); P40-GuiersMort (3-4)
2 ?4
Isere Scialet de Malaterre L1600
Spectacular free-drop rigged on the small bridge that is built over the 120m deep entrance shaft. 2
Is?e Scialet du Silence D-542m Beautiful, clean vertical cave - it is said to be the most beautiful cave in the Vercors 4
Isere Trou du Chevreau L700
Easy -200 in the Chartreuse, ends with a nice P125 2
Jura Baume de la Faviere L750
Sporting descent; lot's of rigging, 2 separate ways leading to -153 en -229 2
Jura Gouffre du Gros-Gadeau L360
Very wet and spectacular thing. 1
Jura Grotte de Vaux L+/-300 Easy cave, very well suited for children or novices ... 1
Jura Riviere de la Baume L3600
Underground river, unfortunately very polluted 1
Lozere Aven de Crapounet D116 Small aven with a nice P55 2
Lozere Aven de la Licorne D200 Narrow, vertical cave. Not really interesting. 2+
Lozere Aven des Corgnes D187 Vertical stuff, a lot of rigging. Features a big P91 2
Lozere Aven des Hures L1630
Famous, clean and beautiful "aven". Very selective wet passage at -260! 3
Lozere Aven de Deidou D -179 Sporty cave, with climbs, squeezes and a free drop P76. 2
Lozere Aven de Fraissenel   Small aven 1
Lozere Grotte Am?ineau L150 The cave with the most and longest "straws" in France (closed) 1
Lozere Aven des Offraous D165 Nice pitches. 2
Lozere Aven de Banicous D 347 Very vertical en nice cave, with a beautiful P94. 3
Lozere Aven de la Caze D 177 Decorated aven. 2
Lozere Aven de los Peyros D226 You'll need all your rigging skills to master the first pitch (P123). The final P40, very wide, is impressive. 2,5
Lozere Aven de la Cheminee L 4000
D 400
Very varied and sporting -400, with big fossil streamways at -350m. 3
Lozere Aven de la Portalerie L 1000
D 149
Local school cave. 1
Lozere Aven de Cassan L1070
Classic cave 2
Lozere Aven de la Barelle D 126 Beautiful entrance. 2
Lozere Aven de Baume Rousse D166 Well decorated 2
Lozere Aven du Bois du Bac D108 Small but well decorated "aven" 2
Lozere Aven de Mont-buisson No 3 D126 Small cave, with a nice P53 1
Lozere Grotte de Dragonhiera ? Climbing to this cave takes longer than doing the cave... 1
Lozere Grotte de Malaval L10000
Long underground river, much variation and fine formations 3
Lozere Grotte du Coutal L7800
Large and complex cave. Big fossil streamways. Ends in a bizarre big hall: Salle Blanche. Absolute must. 2
Lozere Grotte de la Clujade L 4000 Famous underground river 2
Lozere Grotte de Castelbouc No 4 L1500
Giant gallery (30x30) ending in a beautiful sump. Entrance part is narrow. 1
Meuse Gouffre BC27 

Gouffre des Cascades

Gouffre du Collecteur




Some little caves in the "Bois Communal" in Lisle-en-Rigault 1
Meuse Gouffre de la Besace 

Gouffre du Cornuant

Puits de la Meche




(Too) small stuff in the underground quarry of Savonnieres 1
Meuse Gouffre de la Sonnette L500
Very famous and beautiful pitch: Puits des Grand Cercles (P30) 1
Meuse Gouffre des Parsons D48 Wide P39 (that's all!) 1
Meuse Gouffre de la Beva L5000
Active streamway, average height 1 metre! Nice entrance pitch (P38). 2
Meuse Grotte du Cimetiere L640
Fossil cave, don't waist your time doing it. 1
Meuse Reseau de la Vallee Dorma L2700
Walk like an Egyptian... endless meanders 2
Meuse Reseau Avenir-Grande Viaille L1080
Very narrow meander leading to nice P28. Fun cave. 2
Meuse Reseau de Jean d'Heurs L1500 Extremely muddy "river" cave 1
Meuse Rupt du Puits L10680
Classic river cave, but rather monotonous. 2
Pyrenees Atlantiques Gouffre Gaspi L500
Two nice series of pitches, separated by a 50 m crawl 2
Pyrenees Atlantiques La Bidouze D 80 Short but pleasant though-trip 1
Pyrenees Atlantiques Gouffre de Lonn?Peyret (bottom via T102) L+17000
Tremendous trip in a mega-cave. Apotheosis in Salle Styx, but here isn't a tunnel to leave the cave and the way back is long... Physically a lot tougher than the PSM-traverse: about 20-25 hrs. 5+
Pyrenees Atlantiques Gouffre du Couey Lodge (bottom) L+7000
Though not as big as it's neighbours (PSM & Lonn?Peyret), this cave is worth doing. Can be done in 16-18 hrs. 4
Pyrenees Atlantiques. Gouffre de la Pierre-St-Martin (traverse SC3->Verna) L+50000
World-famous cave. Long (9 km) and varied trip: 360m of pitches, some narrow passages, impressive Grand Canyon, thrilling Tunnel du Vent, gigantic galleries ending in one of the biggest rooms in the world: Salle Verna. The final 4 km. of boulder-walking really knocks you out. You leave the cave through an artificial tunnel. Every caver must do it once... but heavy stuff (about 13 -21 hrs). 5-
Pyrenees Atlantiques Arresteliako Ziloa D 840m
L 50000
Enormous system, discovered in 1990.  We only did a 7 hour (-300m) trip, enough to be impressed by this giant en beautiful cave. 3/5
Pyrenees Atlantiques Gouffre d'Aphanic? D504 155 m of spacious pitches leading to a magnificent free drop, the Puits des Pirates (328 m deep). One of the deepest free-drops in the world. Hallucinating descent (and climb-up!). Unforgettable but serious undertaking (about 15-20 hrs). 5-
Pyrenees Orientales Grotte d'En Gorner L16000 Once beautiful, now devastated 1
Pyrenees Orientales Grotte de Vida-Tripa L+/-4000 Very pretty cave 1
Pyrenees Orientales Réseau Lachambre L24000 One of the most beautiful caves in Europe. 1-2
Var Grotte de la Castelette L1880m Nice river, big gallery 1
Var Aven du Cercueil D238m If you want to see the splendid gallery at -155m, you will have to pass many a narrow squeeze! 2
Var Aven Cyclopibus D370m Deepest in the Var, with a big P150.  But not difficult at all (9 hrs) 3
Var Grotte des Rampins D2000m Fossil, easy cave 1
Var Aven de la Ripelle D102m Once beautiful, now totally muddied 1
Var Aven de la Solitude D197m Series of big and clean pitches.  Recommended! 2
Vaucluse Aven du Chateau D95 Situated in the middle of the public footpath! 2
Vaucluse Aven Autran L+5000
Very recommended! Deep, clean cave, with some very big pitches. 4
Vaucluse Aven de la Vip?e D157m Only the first 100 metres of pitches are worth doing. 2
Vaucluse Perte du Calavon D263m Pleasant cave, especially when wet. 2
Vaucluse Trou Souffleur D610m
This cave is generally considered as the best in the region, because of it beautiful 2 km long river at -600m. 4


SPAIN... hot and deep

Huesca Sistema Badalona (traverse B1->B15) D1150 One of the deepest through-trips (-1150 m) in the world and also one of the most beautiful. The cave looks more like an underground canyon with roaring waterfalls and white water. (12-17 hrs when fully rigged, 20 hrs when 'rappeling') 4+
Cantabria Sistema Cueto-Coventosa (traverse) L32000
Very varied through-trip, featuring a huge 300 m deep entrance shaft, an enormous gallery over a mile long (Galerie du Chicarron), lakes, and the big Coventosa Cave where passages are 50 m or higher! Lot's of gypsum flowers (12-15 hrs). 4-
Cantabria Torca del Carlista D350 Europe's biggest room (500 x 200 m) that you enter via a free hanging 90 m drop in the roof! Beautiful formations as well. 2
Cantabria Sima Tonio - Cueva Canuela (traverse) D400?? Easy through-trip, exiting through the big and fossil Canuela Cave. 2
Cantabria Cueva Sopladores - Cueva del Agua (traverse) ?? Not very inspiring through-trip. "Walking" to and from the caves is a long and dangerous undertaking. 2
Navarra Sima de las Puertas de Illamina (BU56) L15 km
D 1408m
The deepest, biggest, most spectacular cave of the Pyrenees.  A trip to the sump (at -1325m) in this mythical cave is not a sunday walk. You will need at least 35 hours of continuous progression. 5
Navarre Anialarra System
Typical PSM-cave, with 450m of pitches and kilometres of big river passages (13-15 hrs, if fully rigged).  Avalon explores in this cave and has done it .. too many times 4
Navarre Pozo de los Ninos (AN506) L818
The first big cave that we discovered outside of Belgium (1998). Features a giant 260 m pitch. 3
Navarre Trou Vaille-que-Vaille (FR1) D337 Typical vertical cave, not so interesting 3
Navarre Pozo del Eclipse (AN534) D136 Avalon-discovery, nice pitches and big room 2
Navarre Pozo de los 2 Acuarios (AN51) D387m One of the entrances to the Anialarra-system 3
Navarre Pozo Ibarra (AN519) D347
Our second discovery (1999), featuring a giant 222m pitch. This caves connects with the Anialarra System 3



Yorkshire Alum Pot --> Diccan Pot (traverse) D100 Alum is a wide, free hanging P60, Diccan is a very wet and spectacular cave that connects with Alum Pot. Recommended! 2
Yorkshire Bull Pot of the Witches ? Nice entrance shaft, but not very interesting cave. Can be pretty wet. 2
Yorkshire Ease Gill: Lancaster Hole D85 Classic descent into Ease Gill Master Cave, via P33 1
Yorkshire Ease Gill: Pool Sink D70 Clean-washed and wet upstream entrance of Ease Gill System. 2
Yorkshire Ease Gill: Wretched Rabbit ? Boring meander, but to only access to Ease Gill that needs no ropes. 1
Yorkshire Ease Gill: County Pot ? Attractive but complex cave. Access to Ease Gill via Eureka Junction 2
Yorkshire Ease Gill System L Still the biggest cave in the U.K., a real maze. The Main Drain is one of the most beautiful river passages we have ever seen. Lot's of through-trips are possible. The first times, you better find yourself a guide! 2 ?3
Yorkshire Ease Gill: Cow Pot D85 Interesting route in Ease Gill, fine rigging, breath-taking free drop into Fall Pot 2
Yorkshire Gaping Ghyll System D110 THE all time classic! Main Chamber, with it's roaring 100 m high waterfall, is a must. Unfortunately, this P100 is often too wet to descent. 2
Yorkshire Gaping Ghyll: Bar Pot D100 Most used and easiest route to get into Gaping Ghyll. Nice P32. 1
Yorkshire Gaping Ghyll: Flood Entrance Pot D110 In wet conditions, this is a super-exciting cave. 2
Yorkshire Gaping Ghyll: Stream Passage Pot D110 Also a spectacular wet cave. 2
Yorkshire Ireby Fells Caverns D125 Fine "streamway" 2
Yorkshire Jingling Pot D65 Just a P45, worth doing. 1
Yorkshire Lost John's Cave D140 Big and fascinating system. Lot's of possibilities for rigging it. The streamway is a real jewel. 2
Yorkshire Rift Pot - Lon Kin East Pot D? Again some wet stuff. 2
Yorkshire Rowten Pot D105 Amusing cave, featuring a big pitch. 2
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