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VERBOND VAN VLAAMSE SPELEOLOGEN (= Flemish Caving Federation) Broekstraat 23, B-3001 HEVERLEE
Tel.: +32 (0)16 23 78 99
Fax.: +32 (0)16 22 74 96
E-mail: info@speleovvs.be
Internet: http://www.speleovvs.be  This site features a list of all Flemish Clubs and their addresses.

Remark: Dutch-speaking. However, English or French are commonly spoken/understood as well.


UNION BELGE DE SPELEOLOGIE (= Walloon Caving Federation)
Avenue Arthur Proc?, 5 - 5000 Namur - T?. : 081/23 00 09 - Fax : 081/22 57 98
E-mail: ubs@speleo.be
Internet: http://www.speleo.be/ubs

Remark: French-speaking. Dutch or English are NOT commonly spoken or understood.

You'll find a list in the Pages of the UBS. It gives the access regulations, addresses etc. Here's the URL: http://www.speleo.be/ubs/gr_close.htm

Of course, as in any country, there are lot's of hotels, campings, bunkhouses etc. I won't even try to give you an overview here. But, to help you a bit: check out this link: http://www.speleo.be/ubs/ and look in the section "Services", "Refuge"
It gives you some typically "caving" bunkhouses (self-catering). They're all located in the heart of our caving areas.

Although Belgium is a small country, we have over a dozen caving shops. Strangely enough, most of them are located in the Northern Part of the country, where there are no caves!
One of the biggest and best is:
Plezantstraat 11, B-9220 HAMME
Tel.: +31 (0)52 47 85 22
Fax.:+31 (0)52 47 98 80
In this shop, the guy in charge (Rudi) is actually a very good and active caver, so he knows what he's selling and what's it worth in a cave.
Some other shops are: KARIBOE (Leuven & Hasselt), ANDANTINO (Turnhout), TREKKING (Aalst).
Please stay away from the latest trend: the "adventure superstores": they sell lot's of junk, much too expensive, and most salesmen have never seen a cave or mountain from nearby. The names of these stores sound pretty English to me (of course, I can't spell it out here - they'd kill me!), so be aware!

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