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Below you'll find a series of links to other web resources about cave protection.
If you know of other interesting links, then please send me a mail .


Beautiful and very good site about Cave Conservation,  by the National Speleological Society (US) - The navigation buttons are at the bottom of the pages... very recommended!!
Verbond van Vlaamse Speleologen - the Flemish Deontological code for cavers
Deontologische code voor Speleologen - April 2002 - Formaat PDF (Nederlands)
Sites Karstiques et Aménagement du Territoire Communal - Article by G. Thys about karst protection (French)
A beautiful brochure about Swiss cave protection can be found here www.speleoprojects.com
http://www.speleoprojects.com/pics/downloads/cavernes_monde_fragile.pdf (French version)

http://www.speleoprojects.com/pics/downloads/hoehlen_fragile_unterwelt.pdf (German version)
EASE GILL Caverns Conservation (Yorkshire, UK)
The Western Australian Speleological Group website has some good topics about cave protection. Here is a selection:
Richtlijnen over "Minimal Impact Caving" and "Cave Softly" ... "because cavers are one of the major sources of damage to caves!"

Cave Vandalism and Shame Page: with many examples of vandalism in caves
The National Caving Association (London) site has an big section "Conservation & Access"
Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment: Australian site with very good information about protection of karstareas and water resources.
Protecting and Managing Karst

IUCN - The World Conservation Union website publishes the complete guidelines of the World Commission on Protected Areas
Guidelines for Caves and Karst Protection - PDF-format - English

The website of the organisation that manages the Aven de Noel: Association de Recherche Spéléologique et de Protection de l'Aven de Noël (Ardèche, France)
Cave Exploration, Cave Conservation: Some Thoughts on Compatibility by John H. Ganter
Reading this article is a must!  John distinguishes between "Cave Consumers" (= the visitors) and "Cave Producers" (= the discoverers.)
They manage over 50 caves in the SE of the U.S. :  the Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. (SCCI) is a tax-exempt not-for-profit corporation dedicated to cave conservation, caver education, and cave management.
The Top Ten List of Endangered Karst Ecosystems can be found here at the site of The Karst Waters Institute (KWI)
















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