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CLUBLIFEWe were so young...and small then!  (Jan, Herman, Annette, Michaëla, Annemie, Marc)
- Kim De Bie is born..., yes the "juniors" are becoming "family men" and are starting to raise families.  In the forthcoming years, lot's of babies will be born and as a result our holidays will get a very "familiar" character...

- Just for fun (or was is for training?), Avalon undertakes a 60 kilometre pilgrimage to Scherpenheuvel.  We do it the adventurous way, following small tracks exclusively, and crossing the river "Demer" with a small caving rubber dinghy. 

- We count 43 activities in België and visit 28 different foreign caves.

- But we keep on loosing members, as we evolve from youngsters into adolescents: we now have less than 20 members.

- We search, dig, prospect nearly every week, without neglecting the "classic" caving however. 

- A very tough dig at the most extreme part of the Chawresse-cave results in a very small continuation, l'Appendice...(20 m long).

- In Trou sans Nom (Durbuy) we empty a sump, find a continuation, but unfortunately we are not the first ones here..

- Nearly by hasard we discover an important continuation (+200m) in one of Belgium's most visited caves, the Trou d'Haquin!

FOREIGN CAVING3 days of underground camping in the quarries of Savonnieres-en-Perthois
- We go caving in the Meuse, in the Doubs and for the first time also in the French Ardèche dept.  We make an unforgetable through-trip from Aven Despeysse to St-Marcel d'Ardèche, maybe the last one ever done since the cave is being turned into a showcave. We celebrate New Year also in the French Doubs, camping while it freezes -20 degrees Celsius. 

- Again we go caving in Yorkshire (Engeland)

- A three week holiday in the Vercors, where we bottom several classic caves (Gournier, Trisou, Bournillon, Vincent etc...) and have great fun going down the 700 m deep Canyon des Ecouges.

- Beautiful through-trip of the Réseau du Verneau, in France, with its 9 kilometres one of the longest and most notorious in Europe.

Contacteer/contact us:  SC Avalon vzw
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