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CLUBLIFEWild camping, during the exploration of the Bretaye System
- We count not less than 72 activities in België en visit 14 different foreign caves.

- However, not everyone is so happy with the fact that our club has changed its main activity, from "classic" caving to "explorational" caving.  As a result, the decline in members continues and we see ourselves reduced to only 13 members...

- We buy an accu-hammer drill ... a purchase that will soon change our lives

- The continuing efforts at the Bretaye resurgence finally pay!  An encredible 53 days of work (in one year!) result in 1,3 km of new and splendid cave.  To Belgian standards, it is a real big discovery.  Our dream, to make a link with the resurgence (which would make an complete through-trip of the mountain possible), has not yet been fulfilled.  

- We even continue the dig in the Chawresse.

FOREIGN CAVINGDevoluy: ready to go down the 165m entrance pitch of Chourum Dupont-Martin
- The Bretaye cave "absorbs" us completely, but we still find the time to got to the Doubs and Côte d'Or in France.  The summer holidays (two weeks) are spent in the French Devoluy area. 

Contacteer/contact us:  SC Avalon vzw
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