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Trou MANTO-St-Etienne  - Ben-Ahin (No. 16)


Province: LIEGEThe pitch in Trou Manto (picture: WOF)
Locality: Ben Ahin (Huy)
Coordinates: 208,69/133,39/140m
Map: 48/1-2


This cave has been known for a very long time, the first descriptions go back to 1833.  I have no knowledge of who has made the connection between Trou Manto and St. Etienne.


The cave is situated in the Vallon de la Solière.  This valley is located at your right, when you drive from Namur to Huy.  500m after the tiny village of Gives-Huy, you have to turn right at a pub called "l'Elyssée". Continue for +/- 300 metres.  The road splits up, keep right, a bit further you can park the car (there is just enough room for 2 cars!).  A bit further, in the prairie, you will see a barrier that you must pass.   You must follow the footpath into the valley, and after some distance (1 km?),  you meet a information sign about cave protection (watch out: there is a cave entrance just opposite of the sign: this is NOT the Trou Manto!).  Go down here, into the valley, cross  the river and climb up again in order to find the cave-entrance which is big and visible from far.

Grotte St. Etienne (picture by WOF)Length: 626m,  Depth:  48m

The Manto cave is a fossil cave, once very decorated but unfortunately there is not a lot left of its beauty.  Finding the way is easy.  In the first big room, a 10 metre pitch gives access to a second room.  Here you can make an climb up to a rather decorated room (a rope is strongly recommended!)

You can also traverse above the 10 m pitch (use the same rope) and visit another nice room.

The cave connects with another one, St. Etienne.  This involves a lot of crawling and some squeezes.


A 20 metre rope for the pitch (it can also be rigged from a higher place, which makes it a nice free drop) .

A 30 m rope for the climb to the decorated upper room and the rappel back down.


Pleasant cave.

Closed with a UBS-door, also closed during winter to protect the bats. 

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