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If you want to go caving... you're at the right place!


Avalon people are ascetics.  They don't drink alcohol, go to bed very early, have a rope hanging out of their window so that they can climb into their house instead of stepping through the front door, they neglect wife and kids for their one passion, or is it an obsession, caving!
To join them, you must  do a 1000 metre deep cave in less than 6 hours, have lots of caving-diplomas, and be able to split rocks with your bare hands.

Do you really believe all this?  Well, we don't!
Speleoclub Avalon is just a bunch of happy people, doing (since 1983 already) what they like most: caving!

Chairman: Dagobert L'Ecluse

E-mail: info@scavalon.be

Cub address: Jan de Bodtlaan 59, B-2650 EDEGEM, BELGIE


Every forthnight we gather in our clubhouseIf you are interested in going underground once, then feel free to contact us (by phone or mail).  No experience is needed.  We'll take you along on an underground trip and we'll provide you with all necessary gear.  Who knows: maybe we will wake up the caving virus within you!  We always take a personal insurance for you , and you will get excellent and "real" caving equipment.  Quality has its price: we will have to charge you 15 € all-in.  But if you come back a second time within a year, we will just charge you the insurance (8 €)

REMARK: To protect the caves as much as possible, WE DO NOT GUIDE GROUPS!  It is a sheer waste of time to contact us for that!   We will never take more than 3 to 4 novices underground at a time.

If you are still motivated after that first trip (sure you are!), we'll continue in the same way for a few more trips. This way you don't have any expenses (gear, membership, ...).  After 3 times you should know if caving is really what you want to do and you can join the club and start buying your own gear (the first months we can lend you it).  We will give you a proper training, but we also recommend you to follow a special training  which is being organized every year by the VVS.

Keep following things in mind:

  • Minimum age is 16 years
  • Membership SC Avalon vzw: 33 €/year
  • Membership Verbond van Vlaamse Speleologen : 71 € (incl. good insurance, first class information and magazine, all facilities such as a good library)

Now go and read our "FAQ" to find the answers on all the questions that you surely have. Click here!

ATTENTION:  To protect the underground environment, we do not guide groups around bigger than 4 persons. It is a waste of time to contact us if you want to go caving with a bigger party! Please read the section about cave protection here, in order to understand WHY we do not do this.



SC AVALON vzw is a member of the Flemish Caving Federation (V.V.S.) which unites some 35 Flemish clubs, for a total of 650 cavers.

Every forthnight, on Tuesday evening at 2030 h. we meet in our clubhouse in "Berkenhof" in Edegem. These meetings are very important: we discuss the past and future activities. A report is made and send to every member.

Contacteer/contact us:  SC Avalon vzw
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