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A selection of caving pictures...


The photographer in action... Paul (Photo: Stoche Bes)
Almost all pictures have been made by me: Paul De Bie.  In the past (1985-2003), with a simple Pentax reflex camera and a 28 mm wide angle lens.  Most of the slides were lit using "M3" magnesium flashbulbs and Kodak Ektachrome 160T film.  All close-ups (e.g. the cave pearls pictures) were lit using electronic flashes.

Since 2003 I only use digital equipment and electronic flashes. I'm faithful to Canon and recently I replaced my good old Canon Powershot G6 with a G11 model. For reasons of weight and volume, I prefer not to use digital reflex cameras. Also, the underground environment is extremely hostile to your equipment (water, mud, dust, shocks) and using an expensive reflex seems like a waste to me.


Thanks goes to...
AnnetteMany people!  All alone you cannot make any decent cave pictures. You need people to help you, to carry stuff, to use the flashlights. You need photo models, and above all: you need people that are prepared to wait patiently while you are making your photos! I express my gratitude to all people who helped me, my caving friends and team mates from SC Avalon. 

Then, I want to express my gratitude to many people or caving clubs that have showed us around the caves they have discovered and manage, for the time they took and for their confidence.

But one person I am especially grateful:  my partner and wife Annette Van Houtte.   An exceptionally talented and passionate speleologist, who has followed me in each caving trip I ever made, no matter how deep and difficult it was. And most of the time, she had to carry my flashlights around!  You will see here on many of my pictures. Thanks, dear!


The galleries
In many cases, the name or location of the cave is not mentioned. The pictures here are shown for esthetical or educational reasons, so the exact location of the cave is irrelevant.  Also, it could be the cause of additional visits or damage to the cave, and in many cases, the cavers or clubs who manage caves do explicitly prefer that name and location of the cave is not made public. 


Use of my pictures
My pictures have been used to illustrate books, calendars, websites, folders, posters and so on.  Depending on the purpose (commercial or not) I might or I might not do this for free. Of course the pictures here on the website are very reduced and compressed versions of the originals.  If you want to use, or buy pictures, please ask me. If you use any of my pictures for commercial or professional means, then I will most certainly sue you. All pictures are copyrighted.


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